How To: Make Money With Fiverr

Fiverr is a fantastic way for you to make money online, and you can do it from the freedom of your own home. In this section, we are going to cover The Best Ways To Make Money on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

If you are not familiar with Fiverr, it is a life-saving resource for small business owners. They are a marketplace for finding freelance work that starts at $5... yes, you read that right... $5 for Logo Design, $5 for Business Card Design, and the list goes on. Most of the freelancers offer add-on services or premium features that can raise the price, but everything I have seen has been quite reasonable ($20 - $40 for nice logo and you get the vector graphics).

Step One- Register

Sign up as an affiliate for Fiverr. This is an aweosome way to add an extra revenue stream. As a Fiverr Doer, you will be doing your best to promote Fiverr and encourage people to seek you out... so why not get paid twice?!? If you are referring people to Fiverr and the purchase a service, regardless of whether or not it is your service, then you can put a little change in your pocket.

Step Two- Get Your Friends to Register

If you are trying to make any real amount of money with Fiverr, then you are going to need a network of people to help advertise for you and refer people to your services. This is where friends and family come in, but if they are going to take the time to refer people to Fiverr, then you should make sure they are getting something out of it. So have them register as a Fiverr Affiliate, and they can pick up some spare change for referring people to your services. Its a Win Win for everyone!

You can copy and send this link to your friends and family to make it easier for them to sign up:

Or if you want to send via email, you can click the email button here --> We have already composed the email for you, just add your friends' and family's email addresses and hit send!

Step 3- Register as a Seller

Now that we have friend and family that can help promote our services, its time to create our sellers account. If you go to fiverr you will notice a link at the top middle/right where you can begin the registration process to become a seller.

Note:You will need to have an oval portrait profile picture ready. So if you don't have one handy, then hold off on beginning the registration process. You can still follow along with the next couple of steps and circle back to the registration step later.


Step 3- Making Your Thumbnail

Your thumbnail is one of the biggest determining factors as to how much business you will get. Without a good thumbnail, you will be bypassed everytime. That being said, having a great thumbnail doesn't guarantee you will get lots of business... what it does guarantee is people will take a look at your sales pitch. Much like any other sales, the make or break first step is getting to talk to the customer. If they won't even hear what you have to say, then you obviously can't sell them on the good/service. Your thumbnail is working 24/7 for you and is either going to get the customers attention and get them interested in what you have to sell, or it will get lost in the list and they will look at someone else that has a thumbnail that catches their attention.

Here are a few tips and things you need to take into consideration when designing your thumbnail:

1. You Need to Stand Out

Make sure your thumbnail pops off the page. The best way to do this is to go through and take a look at your competition. Find out what page your services would be appearing on, and then take a look at all the thumbnails on the page. Take note of what the Level 2 Sellers look like. They obviously have a working system, so not a bad idea to model yourself after them. Within each section of the page (top 20, mid ranked, bottom ranked) you will notice a different pattern of what the thumbnails look like. Each section will sort of have a blended color pallette. Your goal is to figure out what that pallette is and use enough of those colors to seem like your thumbnail belongs, but ultimately you want to incorporate bold color elements that will make your thumbnail stand out.

2. Don't Stand Out TOO Much

This may seem like a waste of a tip, but someone will inevitably take our last tip to an extreme... you need to stand out, yes, but you don't want to stand out so much that you don't seem like you belong in the list. People naturally look for patterns subconciously. Psychology studies have shown that when people are evaluating choices, they tend to discard choices that seem out of place, or like they don't belong. It makes sense from years of evolution and the fact that the stakes for making a good choice had much more elevated life and death stakes at hand, so humans tend to look for things they recognize or are familiar with. For that reason, you can't go with a bright pink and neon yellow theme if everyone else is using a blue/black/white theme. You will stand out, but will be dismissed subconciously.

In all fairness, we would be remissed if we didn't mention that even a well made thumbnail, even if it is an out of place overly different thumbnail, will still get more views than a poorly designed thumb nail that doesn't stand out at all. But our point still stands if you are looking to get AS MUCH business as you can.

3. Look Like a Professional Ad... NOT a Power Point Slide

When looking at your competition, you will probably notice some great example of very professional ad-like thumbnails. As long as they grab the customers attention, they will give the customer comfort that they working with a professional. This may seem like common sense, but here it goes:

If your thumbnail looks like an amature made it, then people will assume the rest of your work is amature quality. If it looks like a professional made it, then people will assume the rest of your work is professional quality.

Power Point looking thumbnails DO NOT look professional. So how do you make a great professional looking thumbnail... well, this is going to blow your mind... but chances are you probably know of a website that offers a variety of freelancers that have art design services starting at $5... you may have to think pretty hard on this one... lol. Ok, but seriously though... this thumbnail will make or break your online business, so if you aren't a professional graphic designer, then we would suggest outsourcing the work to a fellow Fiverr. The $5 - $20 investment will be well worth it in the long run when you have more gigs than you can keep up with.

4. Don't Use a Generic Thumbnail- Be Specifc

If you are offering mutliple services, you don't want to use one generic thumbnail for all of them. For each one you want a specifically designed thumbnail that clearly conveys what service you are offering. You can still do effective branding and keep a theme going that is consistent with each of your thumbnails, but each one needs to be clearly marketing the individual service. If people don't know what you are selling, then they can't buy it.


Step 4- Know Your Place in the World

On Fiverr, you will see a wide range of pricing for services. Some deals will seem too good to be true, and some deals will seem way overpriced... and both will be true. When you are starting out, you probably cannot afford the luxury using above market pricing. If you are actually looking to get gigs, then you have to price competitively. After you build up your reviews, then you can always raise your prices later. If you are starting out, then you need to do everything you can to find a way to market something for $5. Depending on your niche, this just may not be possible, but the principle remains. Offer low pricing until you build your reviews, but don't offer it so low that it seems sketchy.

Step 5- Get Your First 10 Gigs

On Fiverr, your first 10 gigs are your proving phase. Know that customers are going to be very skeptical of your services until you accumulate enough positive reviews. So the big hurdle is getting those first 10 gigs. Only verified customers can rate your work, so you have to get 10 customers, but no one actually knows where these 10 customers are coming from. This may seem a little shady, but it's probably a good idea to do some practice gigs. We recommend having a friend or family member get on the app and sign up for your first gig. Then go through the process like you would for an actual customer. Actually do some mock up work, then properly upload your results. Then collect your five star feedback. You then want to repeat this process a few times, but each time try out some different scenarios like having your customer change their mind part of the way through the process. How will they notify you, where do you need to go look for that feedback? This is your time to figure all these questions out before you start working with real clients, and the added bonus is the opportunity to collect a few reviews. Pay attention to things like what your process will be and exactly what information you will need to convey to your client before you start the gig, and then set up your system to work as smooth as possible.

With a combination of friends and family helping you out with some practice runs, and then picking up your first couple of customer, you should get over 10 reviews in no time and then be wll on your way to getting the highly coveted Level 2 status.

Step 6- Market Yourself

Once you are all set up on Fiverr, then you need to get the word out about the services that you offer. Now this is sometimes the hardest step for people, but this is where you cannot afford to be shy. You have to market yourself. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or even Linked In to start building your online presence. The key is to put the information out there, you never know who will see it. If you want to really go for it, you can even consider doing targeting advertising. A few well placed ads may be able to drive enough traffic to not only pay for the ads, but to give you a nice chunk of work. Get creative. The sky is the limit. The bottom line is do whatever you can to make sure people know you are on Fiverr and what service you offfer.

Step 6- Keep At It- Don't Get Discouraged

After a few weeks have gone by and you aren't getting the endless amounts of work that you dreamed of, then it is natural to get discouraged. Just remember, everyone that has had thousands of gigs had to have their first 10... then their first 25... then their first 50... then their first 75... then their first 100... (you get the idea). They didn't magically get to 1,000 gigs. They had to go through the same thing you are. Keep your motivation up, and stick with it.

Note: It is worth mentioning that if this situation arises, you need to take time to evaluate your services, your thumbnails, and everything in between. Make sure that it is actually just a matter of waiting on growth, and not a matter of something you are doing that is discouraging or inhibiting your growth.

If you stick with it, and you have all your marketing and pricing on point, then you will see more and more gigs coming your way. With that, you will start to rank higher on the page, and that will in turn feed you more gigs. So keep your chin up and stick with it, because it will pay off if you put in the time and the work.

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