Affiliate Marketing with a Website

Chapter 8- Publishing Your First Content

You are going to need to create content in order to attract an audience to click on your affiliate links for your Affiliate Marketing Business. In this chapter we are going the things you need to know about creating content for your affiliate marketing business website.

Note:If you are wondering if you need to have affiliate links to start this section, the answer is no. We will explain in greater detail in the next chapter, but you need content before joining affiliate programs. If your curiosity is going to get the better of you, go ahead and open Chapter 9: Joining Affiliate Programs (opens in a new tab), but we promise that you really should work on content first.

You Have 2 Audiences- Make Sure You Know Who They Are

When it comes to writing content, the first thing you need to know is that you have two different audiences that you are writing for:

  • 1. The people that are going to be reading all of your awesome content, and then hopefully clicking on your affiliate links.
  • 2. The Search Engines that are going to read your content to decide if other people should see it or not.

Why is it important to understand this? Well, because if you don't pay attention to both audiences, then you will have a very hard time growing your website traffic, and traffic growth is essential to successful sales. Let's explain:

If you only write to your readers, then you will fail to take advantage of Search Enging Optimization (SEO) tricks that are essential to get your page ranked. If you page isn't ranked, then you are going to have a very hard time getting traffic to your website. It's not impossible, but the amount of work it will take is a huge waste, when you can easily just write good SEO content.

On the end of the spectrum, if you overly emphasize Search Engine Optimized content, then the material becomes a little clunky, unnatural, and unenjoyable for your actual readers. Imagine if every single sentence was stuffed with keywords like Best Affiliate Marketing Tips every sentence... it would look pretty unnatural. Don't believe us, here's an example:

  • Thanks for visiting our awesome site filled with the Best Affiliate Marketing Tips where we discuss all of the things you need to know about affiliate marketing. You may have wondered how to Succeed At Affiliate Marketing, well the answer is simple, you need to know the Best Affiliate Marketing Tips that will help you Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business. Each of these Affiliate Marketing Tips are designed to Quickly Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business and help you Make $100 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing, which is why we are your Best Affiliate Marketing Resource and the only site you should turn to for your Affiliate Marketing Tips and Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Success...

As you can see, the writing becomes unnatural and seems forced, and thats because it is... and that leads us into our first tip:

Tip 1- Only Use Keywords Naturally

As we saw in our previous example, keyword stuffing is not the way to go, instead you want to insert your keywords into places where they naturally fit, and thats it. With the modern algorithms that they use at Google, keyword stuffing is more likely to penalize your site than it is to help it anyway. So keep it natural.

Tip 2- Make Awesome Headlines

When the average reader looks at a page, they will rarely read from top to bottom. Instead they will skim through and see what the article is about. If they see something that catches their attention, then they will read a bit, and if it seems interesting, then they will keep reading. This is where your headlines come into play. They need to be informative enough that people can gather what your talking about, but they should also be attention grabbers.

Tip 3- Use Images

There have been several studies that have found that posts that include images have a 650% higher rate of engagement. Also, images are a great way to break up your text and insert a little extra white space to give the readers eyes a break. A great trick is to use an image that is relevant, but readers may not fully understand it's purpose without reading the text, much like this photo of a childrens action figure that we are using simply to make our point. The image is a great way grab, or more accurately, to regrab the attention of your readers and keep them engaged and interested

Tip 4- Size Matters

There have been lots of studies over the years that examine pages that rank well, vs ones that don't, and that are looking for correlations. One of the correlations that they found was that pages with short content typically don't rank well, but pages with an average of around 800 - 1,200 words tend to rank higher. The study also found that after about 1,200 words, there was little difference in rankings. What does this mean? It means that search engines prefer content that is able to offer a more in depth answer to the users question. This does NOT mean that you need to write verbose sentences that repeat themselves and become redundant and excessively lengthy just so that you can try to increase the word count of that sentence... (see what we did there?) Your content still has to be well written and relevant. Remember, Google is always looking for The Most Relevant answer to the users question. So at the end of the day, if you have to favor one over the other, then it comes down to Quality over Quantity every time.

Tip 5- Do Your Research

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to actually know what you are talking about. This doesn't mean that you have to be an expert on the subject before starting to write your content, but it definitely means you should be well read on the subject before you finish your content piece. Research is critical. Even if you think you already know a bunch on the subject, research anyway. If nothing else, you will find other sources that you can cite to get more credibility.

Tip 6- Use High Value External Links

Remember that your viewer is on your page because they typed in a question in a search engine and found your page, or maybe they stumbled on it via referral, but either way... you want to appear as an authority on the subject. They best way to do that is to cite other sources by using external links. Just make sure that the source you are citing has a high domain authority, or else the link coule hurt you more than help you. If you don't believe us on the value of using high value external links, then check out this article in the Search Engine Journal: Study Shows Outgoing Links Have Positive Effects on SEO!

Now that you have some great ideas about how to write content for your website, let’s continue onto the next chapter, Affiliate Marketing with a Website- Chapter 9- Start Joining Affiliate Programs.

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