Affiliate Marketing with a Website

Chapter 6- Designing a Memorable Logo

A well-designed logo is an essential component to successfully branding your Affiliate Marketing Business. In this chapter we are going to cover ways to design a Highly Memorable Logo for your affiliate marketing business website.

Understanding the Psychology of Logo Design

The human mind is a powerful thing, and draws conclusions and passes judgement on the subconcisous level. In doing so, the brain is constantly deciphering what it sees and measuring it against patterns and previous associations it has made. Our subconscious mind processes straight lines, circles, curves and jagged edges all in different ways, and assigns a unique meaning to each of them. A well thought out logo will take advantage of the psychological processes to conjure up specific thoughts and feelings.

Let's take a look at the Nike Swoosh as an example: the sharp point at the end in combination with the curves strongly suggests movement.

Different logo shapes send out different messages:

Circles, Ovals and Ellipses (or just rounded shapes in general) will envoke more of an emotional response. Correlations have been drawn between circles used in logos and feelings of community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. This makes sense if we think of the symbol that represents marriage in western culture, the wedding ring. So shapes resembling rings envoke thoughts of marriage and partnership, and they suggest stability and endurance. In nature, curves typically are associated with feminine qualities, and this translates into logos as well.

Straight Edged Shapes like squares and triangles evoke ideas of stability and balance. The use of straight lines and precise logo shapes will convey ideas of strength, professionalism and efficiency. Note: When combined with colors like blue and gray, feelings of cold and uninviting may come to mind. Subverting them with off-kilter positioning or more dynamic colors can counter this problem and conjure up something more interesting.

Triangles also have an association with power, science, religion and law, which are interpreted as masculine attributes. For brands that are targeting a male audience, the triangle is a great way to promote strength and garner the attention of men.

Lines have different meanings simply depending on their orientation. Vertical lines envoke ideas of masculinity, strength and aggression, while horizontal lines suggest community, tranquillity and calm.

Typeface also affects the imagary that comes to mind. The same general principles apply to the design of your logo text. Jagged, angular typefaces may appear as aggressive or dynamic; on the other hand, soft, rounded letters give a youthful appeal. Curved typefaces and cursive scripts tend to appeal more to women, while strong, bold lettering has a more masculine edge.

More Examples

Here are a few more examples of logos to look at. Try to pick out the characteristics associated with different logos, and what shapes they used to convey that message.

Now Let's Design Your Logo

There are lots of great places that you can turn to if you want some help designing your logo. Here are two great resources that we recommend for getting your memorable logo designed, created, and ready to upload.

Logo Garden

LogoGarden provides an easy and affordable way to brand your startup business, organization, event, or project. With their free online Logo Maker, 1000’s of brand symbols, fonts and layout options, you can create original and unique logos in minutes, not days. Custom logos are both web and print ready allowing you to establish a brand identity quickly. They offer a range of digital file formats, custom logo design, pricing options, and branded products such as business cards, websites, apparel, and promotional items to meet your needs.

We really love this company, because they make it so easy to create a logo, and then to move into creating branded items, which are essential for growing a business. You would be surprised how much advertising life you can get out of a couple of pens and sticky notes with your logo on it. You can learn more about the importance of advertising with physical products in our guide Swag- Use it to Increase Traffic by 137%

To learn more about how you can use Logo Garden and their intuitive and user friendly tools to help you design a great looking logo in just 8 minutes, Click Here.


If you are not familiar with Fiverr, it is a life-saving resource for small business owners. They are a marketplace for finding freelance work that starts at $5... yes, you read that right... $5 for Logo Design, $5 for Business Card Design, and the list goes on. Most of the freelancers offer add-on services or premium features that can raise the price, but everything we have seen has been quite reasonable ($20 - $40 for nice logo and you get the vector graphics).

We can't stop saying good things about Fiverr, because it is such a versatil service, and super affordable. For the price of one brand name coffee, you can get actual work done that will make you money in the long run.

Also, don't forget to sign up as an affiliate with Fiverr, so that you can promote it to your friends, family, and visitors. We promise that once you use the service, you will be a strong supporter of their services too. Register as an Affiliate Here


Now that we have our logo under way, let’s continue onto the next chapter, Affiliate Marketing with a Website- Chapter 7- Designing an Effective Website.

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