Affiliate Marketing with a Website

Chapter 4- Choosing The Best Hosting Company

Hosting Companies are the workhorse that keep your website running behind the scenes, and not all hosting services are created equal. In this chapter we are going to help you pick The Best Hosting Company for your Affiliate Marketing Business website.

A Few Key Notes

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a hosting company does and the basic services they provide, it’s time to choose a hosting company. We have compiled a list of recommended hosting companies you can use for your website.

Please note that all pricing is as of the writing of this article and offers may change. Please use the included links to see all current pricing. Affiliate links are included below, which means that we may collect a commission if you choose to sign up with one of the companies using our link. Please note that this does not affect our recommendations or included rankings.

Also keep I mind that the regular price is also what your renewal price will be, so make sure to take advantage of the discount for the longest initial term possible (typically 36 months) in order to maximize your savings.

As an affiliate marketer, you will have plenty of other things to worry about, so if you are thinking about using WordPress, then you should strongly consider going with a Managed WordPress Hosting Site. You can find out more in our guide: Managed WordPress Hosting.

If you think that you may not be up to the challenge of working with a hosting company and setting up a full website, then you can take a look at our guide on Drag and Drop WordPress Alternatives.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is offering basic single site plans for as low as $3.92/mo, but this includes SSL with even the economy package and helps to justify the added price tag. A2 Hosting does not have a separate WordPress Hosting service, but it does claim to have optimized servers for WordPress sites. Check out A2 Hosting Here.

Shared Server Web Hosting


Namecheap is a serious contenter for web hosting services and should be a strong consideration if you are looking to expand beyond one website in the future, and here's why... is one of the largest broker sites for purchasing web domains and webpages that are currently in opperation. We will cover this extensively in a seperate guide, but the key thing you need to know is that Namecheap is the company that most merchants will transfer your new website to. If you are already hosting with them, then it is a very streamlined process. Otherwise you will be looking into additional transfer services and the associated fees to get your domain sent to a different hosting company. Check out Namecheap Hosting Here.

If you want to see what discounts and promos Namecheap is currently offering (it changes monthly), then Click Here

Shared Server Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Namecheap offers a managed WordPress hosting service that is designed to be super easy to use for both beginners and experienced pros that are looking for a simple WordPress site with a super quick setup. Namecheap has one of the lowest prices in town with their first year rate of $8.88/yr (We did the math, out of curiosity... that's $0.74/mo). The renewal price is still a very competitive $29.88/year or $2.49/mo.

inmotion Hosting

inmotion Hosting is offering their basic shared server hosting package for $6.39/mo, but this does include SSL. They also offer WordPress hosting starting at $7.26/mo as well as a claim of 10x speeds for WordPress sites. inmotion is a no frills hosting service, unlike some other services (like GoDaddy), and is all about business. The interface is east to navigate once you understand what you need to use, and what you don't (like all of the advanced settings). Our site is currently hosted on inmotion hosting, and meets all of our needs. Depending on the level of hosting you choose, inmotion will provide you with some advertising credits that you can use to promote your website once it is up and running. Check out inmotion Hosting Here.

Shared Server Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting


HostGator is offering Web Hosting under their Business Plan for $5.95/mo, and WordPress Hosting under their Standard Plan for $7.95/mo. Host Gator hosting subscriptions also come with Google Adwords and Bing credits each valued at $100.

Shared Server Web Hosting

Lesser Known Hosting Companies to Consider

For your convenience, we have also put together a short list of lesser known hosting companies that you can consider using for your hosting services. There are lots of smaller hosting companies out there that provide top-notch customer service and professionalism, they just don't spend millions of dollars each year on advertising.

TurnKey Internet

Established in 1999 to provide advanced consulting services to Internet Service Providers and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers, TurnKey Internet was founded on a simple principle to focus on the customer. In 2001, many of the services TurnKey Internet provided to the large Internet Service Providers became practical solutions for many emerging Internet businesses. TurnKey Internet has since focused heavily on the small- and medium-sized business client that needs reliability, speed, and cost-effective web hosting solutions for their online business. Today, TurnKey Internet stands out from the crowd through its use of advanced technology solutions. They own and operate their New York-based green Datacenter with a fully redundant next generation fiber optic network, and offer a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee on all of their services.

Take a look at Turnkey's Best Value Deals

TurnKey Internet - Cloud Servers - Best Value Deal

Temok Hosting

Temok is a little off the beaten path, but has a surprisingly versatile selection of services and with prices starting at $2.99/mo, you should definitely check them out to see what you think. Instead of offering temporary discounts, they offer 3 year contracts, which are by far the best way to save in the long run. Check out what Temok has to offer.

Register Your Domain Name

Ultra Web Hosting

Ultra Web Hosting may be smaller, but they pack a big punch. With prices starting at $2.95/mo you should definitely at least take a look at what Ultra Web Hosting has to offer.

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Mocha Hosting

MochaHost is located in the heart of Silicon Valley ( San Jose , California ); specializing in providing professional hosting, web design, e-commerce, and Internet promotion services. Many hosting companies nowadays offer one cheap hosting plan that supposedly fits all of the consumer's requirements. Most of these clients/consumers do not know what their current and future needs are, thus when making a decision, the result is a solution that will not allow their company to grow, or provide the company with the necessary set of services needed to perform. Mocha Hosting wantw to ensure that their clients select the plan that will provide them with the most valuable price/service combination while excluding the time and hassle of trying different options.

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Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web Hosting sets themselves apart with their customer service. As they say on their site "In this age of technology, we give you more than just the best and widest choice of hosting products. We give you the The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting™. Because we believe the more you need technology to fuel your business, the more you need expert, caring people to be there for you." At the end of the day, most hosting companies offer similar products and services, so this emphasis on customer service makes Liquid Web Hosting a standout in our opinion.

Take a look at Liquid Web - Managed Web Hosting with Heroic Support

Now that you have picked a hosting service, let’s continue onto the next chapter, Affiliate Marketing with a Website- Chapter 5- Building an Awesome Brand.

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