Affiliate Marketing with a Website

Chapter 2- Choosing A Great Domain Name

Picking a Great Domain Name is imperative for building a Branded Affiliate Marketing Business. In this chapter, we are going to discuss suggestions for choosing a great domain name for your Affiliate Marketing website. We will cover some basic terminology, and then methods that will help you to streamline and simplify the process of choosing a domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

In case you are new to the innerworkings of websites, a domain name is a unique identification for websites. You have interacted with them hundreds or even thousands of times, it is the portion of the website that goes after the www. that you use for visiting your favorite websites like Facebook or YouTube. Each domain name is registered so that it cannot be owned by more than one person.

What are Domain Suffixes?

The last part of your domain is the domain suffix. The most common one you have seen over the years is the popular .com, but I am sure you have seen the .net or .org suffixes as well. There are numerous suffixes that are available for use. Some are restricted, like .gov or .edu, but you can go nuts with the other choices like .biz .us .info .name .tv .mobi .net .org

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most exciting steps in creating a website, and is often one of the most heartbreaking as well. Too often, the awesome name that we came up with in the shower, in the middle of the night, or when we were driving home from work while fantasizing about quitting our job and working online… it’s usually already taken, or it comes with a Premium price tag.

Premium domains are ones that are either flagged as being a highly sought after domain name, or one that uses very valuable words according to domain registration companies. Words like Money or Online are usually considered premium, and any domain with only a few letters is also premium.

The price tags for premium domain names can range from $1,000 - $100,000 for just the domain name… and don’t even think about how much you would spend to keep renewing that! For affiliate marketers, the key is to stay away from premium names, but to get the next best names you can find.


Step 1- Keyword Brainstorm

We need to make sure that our domain name is related to both our niche and to popular keywords for that niche. For example, if your niche is tiny wooden elephant statues, then you would want to make a list of keywords for that niche that may look like this:

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Miniature
  • Wooden
  • Elephant
  • Statues
  • Figurines
  • Souvenirs

When you are making this list, take your time. Don’t try to rush it, and you should take a few days to stew over the list. Some of the best and most creative website names come after a day of creative outside of the box thinking. All of the next steps depend on the quality of this list, so unless you want to come back to the drawing board when you find out your list is all unavailable for domain names, then you need to come up with a nice long and creative list.

Difficult to Spell Words and Mispellings

One of the important things to take into consideration when making your keyword list is how difficult something is to spell. Typically, you want to avoid domain names that are difficult to spell. If people can’t spell it easily, then you will get much less traffic to your site, which means much less money.

One exception to this rule applies, and that is Intentional Misspellings. Sometimes you can get a domain name that is much better with an intentional misspelling. Keep in mind that this only works for accidental traffic. Most people that try to type your misspelled domain will go to your competitors site when they accidentally type in the correct spelling. Some online strategies can take advantage of using misspelled domains to steal traffic and redirect them to a different site. Big companies will buy up the common misspellings and have them autoredirect to the correct site, but you could take advantage of misspellings of trending keywords. For example, you might be able to pick up “” on the cheap, and then redirect to some other cryptocurrency website like Coin Addict.

Step 2- Keyword Research

The next step is to do some research into those Keywords. What you want to determine is which of the words on your list are the most commonly searched for terms. The more the words are searched for, the better your domain name is for ranking.

The best resource for this is to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner . To get keyword ideas, login and go to Tools then Keyword Planner, and choose one of the options under Find New Keywords and Search Volume.

Once you have done some research regarding each of your keywords, you are going to want to put some notes down next to each of them. I would recommend assigning a point value of 1 – 10, with the most desirable being 10 and least desirable being 1. When all said and done you should be easily identify the most desirable keywords in your list.

Step 3- Make a List

Next you want to start making a list of variations of those keywords into potential domain names that make sense. With the above example your list might look something like this:

  • etc.

What you want to make sure to avoid are a few things:

  • 1. Domain names that don’t make sense, like: Although it does contain your keywords, it just becomes too jumbled together and confusing.

  • 2. Try to avoid words with too many similar letters jumbled up, like, which will cause visitors to pause and second guess their typing, or outright misspell your website. Although individual words may be easy to spell, cramming them in a domain name can sometimes get confusing take Can Naps Stop as an example (doesn’t make sense, but bear with me) if you take those easy-to-spell words and cram them together you get, which is suddenly a confusing URL.

Step 4- Rank Your List

After you have done your research of your keywords, given them a point value, and then made a list of potential domain names, the next step is to go through and rank your domain names from most desirable to least desirable.

The easiest way to do this is to go through and evaluate each domain name by referencing your keyword list and adding up the associated point values. Let’s say Tiny and Statues both had a score of 10 in your keyword list, and small had a score of 7, then you score the following potential domain names as:

    • Tiny- 10 pts
    • Total- 10 points

    • Tiny- 10 points
    • Statues- 10 points
    • Total- 20 points


    • Small- 7 points
    • Total- 7 points

    • Small- 7 points
    • Statues- 10 points
    • Total- 17 points

Now go through and make a list starting with the highest total score and working your way down. This will be the list you're going to use to check for domain name availability.

Step 5- Research Domain Name Availability

Warning: The next step can be quite frustrating. There is a realistic chance that EVERY name you have on your list is already taken. Be prepared… and that’s why we told you in Step 1 to take your time and be creative.

We are now going to take our list and check each potential domain name for availability one by one. I recommend using a safe and well established company like A2 Hosting for you to check your domain names.

1. Once you have opened up the above link, you are going to enter in each of your domain names and hit search. You will receive a response that tells you if the name is available, or not, and what the price is.

2. Make an annotation for names that are available, and for the ones that are not available, look through the list of alternative names, like .org .info .net .co .us .biz and see if any of those sound ok. If they do, then write them at the bottom of the list and give them a 1 – 10 score.

3. Once you have gone through your list of domain names, then you should have a nice confusing mess of scribbles and crossouts that would send anyone screaming… but you made it through, and now there is only one step left….

Step 6- Do NOT Buy the Domain Name Yet!

You are going to need to use all of your willpower to stop yourself from buy your domain name now. I know it’s tempting… you just put in all this hard work and you want to snag it before someone else does… just take a deep breath… it will still be there tomorrow… probably… LOL.

Seriously though, you should wait to pick up the domain name, because most Hosting Services come with one free domain name if you buy them together. So save your $14, and bundle it together after reading the next chapter, Affiliate Marketing with a Website- Chapter 3- Hosting Site Considerations.

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