Affiliate Marketing with a Website

Chapter 11- Time To Make Money

At this point you should have a polished website with a great logo, and some solid traffic, so now it's time to make money with your Affiliate Marketing Business. In this chapter we are going to cover where you go from here and how to make money with your affiliate marketing business website.

And The Money Comes Pouring In!

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Just kidding... it's going to take time for the money to start coming in. The average affiliate marketing website will take an average of 2 - 6 months to start generating any real money. If anyone told you this was a get rich quick scheme, then they definitely lied to you. Affiliate Marketing takes work, and that equates to time and energy. Without the two, your site is guaranteed to fail.

So What Should You Do Now?

In this early stage of your Affiliate Marketing business you should be doing a couple of things:

Add Content - You need to keep adding content to your website in order to keep it growing, as well as to stay relevant. Utilizing a blog within your website is a great way to do this, but make sure your content is high quality and relevant.

Build Social Media - We can't stress the importance of this enough. In order to succeed now, you MUST use social media. If you don't, well... your competitors still will, so you will just get left in the dust.

Educate Yourself - You are never done learning, but especially with Affiliate Marketing. On top of that, we have barely scratched the surface (I know hard to believe after getting through 10 dense chapters). There is soooo much more information out there. Every little piece of information that you ingest makes you that more competitive and that much more likely to succeed. Remember, anyone can get a website set up for affiliate marketing. Those that succeed are the ones that take it seriously and invest in themselves and put in the work.

Keep Honing Your SEO -SEO is not a One and Done type activity. It is a continual activity in order to build your rankings and/or to keep your rankings. Remember this simple equation SEO = Traffic = Clicks = Money.

Repeat -Every week you just need to keep going through this list and just keep repeating the steps until it becomes second nature.

If you follow the steps above, and are vigilant, then your business will grow, but you still have to be patient. Growing your affiliate marketing business is alot like growing tomatoes. In the beginning you have to put in alot of work to till the soil and get the plant in the ground. Then you need to help support the plant as it grows. Along the way you need to keep up with the maintenance of watering the plant, pulling out the weeds, giving it the sun and nutrients it needs, then after some time goes by you suddenly notice you have a full grown tomato plant and now you have little tomatoes growing.

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