Best Affiliate Programs You Should Join

In this section, we have compiled a list of The Best Affiliate Programs that you should join, and why you should join them.

Not Sure What an Affiliate Program Is?

If you want to learn more about What Affiliate Marketing Is, then you can check out our guide on What is Affiliate Marketing?, where we will cover all the basics, and then walk you through the process to get your Affiliate Marketing Business off the ground.

What is a 2nd Tier in an Affiliate Program?

There are many affiliate programs that you can join that will not only pay you for sending them customer, but they will also pay you for getting other people to sign up as affiliates. Commissions are either a flat fee per new affiliate that signs up via your link, or even better, some programs allow you to have Sub Affiliates, and you will make a small percentage from affiliate sales that they generate. So for example, A2 Hosting, has an affiliate program that will pay us if you purchase one of their hosting platforms. Additionally, they have a second tier that will pay us a small commission if you join as an affiliate using our link and then get some of your visitors to purchase hosting services.

What Are Affiliate Networks?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. It allows website publishers to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for their website (and thus generate income from those programs), and allows websites offering affiliate programs (typically online merchants) to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs to all of the publishers participating in the affiliate network.

Make sure to check out our separate list of The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks You Should Join.

Our Favorites

Below is a list of some of our favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs:

WP Engine is designed to make it simple for you to get your WordPress site up and running. Additionally, they offer great support and resources that are targeted for new affiliate marketing site. If you are going to have any influence within the affiliate marketing niche, or the website niche, then you should definitely add this to your arsenal. You would be surpised how many people are looking for an easy way to set up websites for all sorts of reason.

If you are not familiar with Fiverr, it is a life-saving resource for small business owners. They are a marketplace for finding freelance work that starts at $5... yes, you read that right... $5 for Logo Design, $5 for Business Card Design, and the list goes on. Most of the freelancers offer add-on services or premium features that can raise the price, but everything I have seen has been quite reasonable ($20 - $40 for nice logo and you get the vector graphics). As an Affiliate Marketer, you are probably going to be able to find a service that you can recommend that fits your niche. To top it off, Fiverr also has a 2nd tier that allows you to make money just from referring new affiliates.

Best Big Retailers Affiliate Programs



Best Buy


Best Niche Specific Affiliate Programs

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is one of the largest niches in the affiliate marketing business, second only to fashion, and is expanding everday. Here are a few great Health and Wellness Affiliate Marketing programs to help you get started.

Block Therapy- by Fluid Isometrics

Everyday, people are searching for alternative treatment options for musculoskelatal disabilities and ailments. Block therapy is a program that (as the name suggests) uses blocks for various body realignment steps. Think of it as yoga, but using blocks to creat isolated pressure for designated areas. Sort of like what a chiropractor does when they apply pressure to concentrated areas to realign your spine. Even if you aren't the biggest believer in the health benefits of the program, keep in mind that you aren't buying it for yourself, but that you are making the option available to interested visitors. To find out more about Block Therapy, Click Here.

Market Health

Although this is technically an affiliate network, we wanted to include it here as well. Market Health has a very large selection of health and wellness products for you to promote. Even if you are thinking of promoting mostly Amazon products, or another network, you should strongly consider using Market Health in addition. You never know what products people will be drawn to until you start promoting them and find out. To find out more about the products you can promote with Market Health, Click Here.

Webs Services Affiliate Programs

Resellers Panel

Resellers Panel is an awesome affiliate program, and is an awesome business model for real set-and-forget revenue. Signing up for Reseller Hosting is FREE, and you will receive your own storefront for selling (re)selling hosting services. Essentially you are being paid to sell hosting services that will be provided and serviced by Resellers Panel, and you just have to choose how much to mark up each product, and then find customers... it's that easy. If you are skeptical, check out theWays To Work Online Hosting store

(Note: We have put ZERO effort into setting up the store, other than deleting Premium Services like Virtual Private Servers. We simply signed up and named the store so we could provide it as a demonstration, but you can see the functionality that it as from the start).

With a little bit of hard work, you can use their free WordPress templates to put together an awesome income generating site. Even if you weren't planning on getting into the hosting niche, you might as well, because they give you your own storefront for free. To get started, Click Here To Get Your Own Free Reseller Storefront.

Outdoor and Sports

We will be adding to this list soon, but for now, there are a some great Outdoor and Sports Affiliate Marketing Programs available through some of our Recommended Affiliate Marketing Networks.


Affiliate Programs for Well Established Sites Only

There are a lot of great affiliate programs out there that will very quickly deny your application if you are a new site. In their defense, they are looking for affiliates that have genuine market influence. If you are a new site that is struggling to get your first followers, then you are more likely to damage their reputation and de-legitamize (probably not a real word, but you get the point) their brand. These affiliate programs are looking for more well established sites that generate a decent amount of traffic.

Once your website is generating a nice volume of traffic, then you should start applying to some of these more exclusive affiliate programs

Caution:Some of these affiliate programs have policies that will only allow for your website to be reviewed one time... and if you don't make the cut, you can never apply again. Keep that in mind before you try to start applying too early.

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